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Building a Business

So here goes! We've started a website...a blog...a store. There is a list of things to upgrade a mile long. And the first iteration of the WIX AI "Artificial Intelligence" site is not perfect. In fact it's not even good. But you really can't expect a website builder for the masses to know what you think is beautiful or what your friends, quilters and customers will find enjoyable.

But we have news we want to share. This week we have savings of thousands of dollars on APQS machines and you will want to know about it. We encourage you to subscribe to our site so we can get you this time sensitive information.

Used machines are on a first come, first served basis and won't last long.

New machines are on special through May 24, 2018 and you would save a boatload.

Give us a call today (559) 681-9809 or subscribe to His Love Quilting, your new dealer for Northern California and the only APQS Certified Technicians for most of California and Nevada.

May your cares be patched and your joys quilted!

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